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The TKO Agency

The TKO Agency is a full-service boutique business development and management consulting firm focused on advising small businesses and entrepreneurs with a broad spectrum of issues such as ensuring proper business entity selection and formation, assistance with vendor selection and contract negotiations, brand development, digital marketing, partnerships and scalability. The TKO Agency focuses on building and expanding businesses. Our vision is to be a trusted business advisor to all of our clients.

The Founder and CEO of The TKO Agency, Edward Osefo, came from humble beginnings as the first born son of five children to Nigerian immigrant parents. Upon graduation from college Edward landed a job at a Big Four firm where he would provide business technology solutions to large Fortune 500 national and multinational companies. He soon thought to himself that business, and advising clients with a strong business acumen, would be his true calling in life and where he could make the most impact. A few years into his post-collegiate career, Edward pivoted and left his job at a Big Four firm to pursue his law degree. After completing law school Edward found himself back at another Big Four firm, but this time in the capacity of a business and tax consultant. In his roles at this large public accounting firm, Mr. Osefo would counsel and provide advice to many large corporations looking to structure their business operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner to take advantage of the laws and regulations afforded to them. Through these experiences, Edward honed his skills and ability to truly understand his clients business needs and goals. Equipped with this solid foundation, Edward is now able to provide to his clients transformative advice and guidance throughout the business development lifecycle.

As Mr. Osefo progressed in his career, he found that with the growing trend of social media entrepreneurs and creatives taking advantage of digital platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok and SnapChat, the next wave of change makers and entrepreneurs no longer reside in our traditional corporate environments.  These creatives and influencers are now all over the world where there is an internet connection. This new wave of entrepreneurs need, and most importantly want, the specialized knowledge Mr. Osefo provides in order to navigate the obstacle filled business environment, and transform their ideas and hobbies into scalable, monetized, business enterprises. This passion to provide business consulting services to assist this new wave of social entrepreneurs gave birth to The TKO Agency.

The TKO Agency sets out to raise the bar as far as the type of representation businesses were receiving and in turn, deliver a more effective way of doing business. The TKO Agency, founded in 2018, has redefined the approach to brand building and business development from concept to creation to scalability. The TKO Agency represents clients who are creatives and entrepreneurs who wish to navigate the business environment that is often wrought with potentially costly pitfalls.

Over the years, The TKO Agency has developed professional business and tax strategies for entrepreneurs. We tailor our advice and solutions to perfectly match our clients’ needs. The TKO Agency is recognized for client-oriented service and business financial acumen that results in smart business solutions.


The next generation of lifestyle specialists, influencers, bloggers, Instagram celebrities, and traditional entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and scale their business look to the The TKO Agency as their trusted business advisor.  Edward’s specialized training and experiences helping large corporations synergizes perfectly with those efforts, and he can help small businesses and individuals seeking to realize the same financial success of Fortune 500 companies come to fruition.

We believe in growing with our clients and nurturing their ideas and creativity. From concept to creation, we listen and support our clients. We encourage our clients to think about where they want the business to go so that we can develop strategies that help support their long-term vision and scale.

Our goal is to provide the absolute best service to our clients and most importantly monetize their ideas, their thoughts, and business pursuits for generational wealth building and sustainability. Client service is our top priority.

Mr. Edward C. Osefo  brings his experience, credentials, Big Four firm expertise and business financial acumen to your family or business. When you work with The TKO Agency your issues and obstacles become our issues and obstacles and we will work as one unit, as business partners, to address, overcome and most importantly grow the business, the brand, and the ideas to new heights.  These rare capabilities and experiences combined in one service provider which makes it our unique value proposition.

About Edward
RSM Edward Osefo Professional Headshot #
Edward C. Osefo, Founder and CEO | Phone: (443) 574-6282‬

Mr. Edward C. Osefo is a highly accomplished, dynamic leader, strategic thinker, and business consultant with the exceptional ability to understand his clients and advise them accordingly so that they are in the best possible position to succeed. Edward is a Georgetown Law educated business consultant with a focus on tax planning, business development, contract negotiation, intellectual property and business strategy.  He is a skilled professional and is dedicated to achieving top results for your business.

Mr. Osefo’s specialties include corporate strategy, small business counseling, management, marketing, branding, intellectual property, strategic planning and consulting, business development, contract review, employee compliance, and organizational development.  Mr. Osefo specializes in small-business problems and is willing to take on small problems such as trying to collect on a relatively small invoice or talking through HR employee retention issues. Mr. Osefo will be a long-term partner in your business' growth and will understand where you want to be tomorrow and share your vision for the future.

Edward has decades of experience ranging from Big 4 firms to the federal government, with a record of success in helping clients across the country pursue their business goals. He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland - College Park, an MBA from Rutgers University School of Business, a J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law, and an LL.M. from the Georgetown University Law Center with a State and Local Tax Certificate.

Edward is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated and currently resides in Maryland with his beautiful wife and three children. In his free time, Edward enjoys spending time with his family, globe trotting and trying new restaurants.


Georgetown University Law Center, LL.M.

Rutgers Law School, J.D.

Rutgers Business School, MBA

University of Maryland, College Park, B.S.

Bar Admissions and Affiliations

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia Bar 

The American Bar Association

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