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The TKO Agency provides assistance with helping our clients identify and solve their marketing needs and challenges by thinking big, trying creative new ideas and implementing fresh new technology solutions. Leveraging our network of professionals and affiliates, we can successfully activate your brand.  Your business is only as strong as your brand recognition and we at the The TKO Agency understand the importance of letting your brand make a good first impression.


The TKO Agency provides assistance with strategy and business development consulting. We assist with development and implementation of ideas from concept to creation.  Our approach is we begin with the desired-end and work our way backwards to the current status. We analyze your business structure to develop strategies that will help you grow your business.  We will take a holistic review of where the business is today and what your vision is for the future. Then, we propose strategic advice from a business, tax, and legal perspective to grow the business and use the information gathered to identify, nurture and acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability.


The TKO Agency develops strategic relationships with other service providers to make sure that clients have all of the resources needed to make winning moves. We realize that the “law” is only one part of our client’s overall business planning.


Since we make it a point to grow with our clients, we only take on clients whose work we believe in, and will resonate with us and the world. In that vein, we want to be proud to share their business and ideas with our network of professional service providers and support any and all business endeavors.  As our clients’ needs expand, we leverage our referral network of service providers and relationships to put them in touch with the right person for their needs.

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